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  • <p><b>Course of maxillofacial and plastic surgery: The chin and the neck</b><br></p><p></p><p></p><ul><li>08h00-08h30            Welcome and coffee break<br></li><li>08h30-09h10            Evaluation and classification tips and discussion of chin surgery. B. Zide (New York, USA)<br></li><li>09h10-09h20            Discussion<br></li><li>09h20-10h00            Soft tissues analysis of the chin reconstruction. B. Zide (New York, USA)<br></li><li>10h00-10h10            Discussion<br></li><li>10h10-10h50            Orthognathic surgery and chin . J. Mercier (Nantes, France)<br></li><li>10h50-11h20            Chin wing in orthognathic surgery. J. Yachouh (Montpellier, France)<br></li><li>11h20-11h30            Discussion<br></li><li>11h30-12h30            Microsurgery of the neck and the face. Indications. D. Martin (Marseille, France)<br></li></ul> <p><b>Thursday may 26th</b></p><p></p><ul><li>14h00-14h30          Opening ceremony. P. Jammet (Montpellier, France), L. Califano (Naples, Italy)<br></li><li>14h30-15h00          EAFCMFS, presentation. M. Galiè (Ferrara, Italy), E. Sorrel Dejerine (Paris, France)<br></li><li>15h00-17h00          Session : The Chin. Soft Tissues                <br></li><li>15h00-16h00          Conference: Soft tissue analysis for the chin reconstruction / Neck Control. B. Zide (New York, USA)<br></li><li>16h00-17h00          Conference: Anatomy of the Head carrying: B Devauchelle (Amiens, France)<br></li><li>17h00-17h30          Break and exhibition visit<br></li><li>17h30-18h20          Session : The Chin. Soft Tissues              <br></li><li>17h30-18h00          Conference: Parameters for reduction chin ptosis: B. Zide  (New York, USA)<br></li><li>18h00-18h50          Conference: Advanced cheek reconstruction:  B. Zide  (New York, USA)<br></li><li>18h30-19h30          General Assembly of the AFCF (members only)<br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Friday may 27th</b></p><p></p><ul><li>08h30-10h00          Video session / conference<br></li><li>08h30-09h15          Advanced thinking tips on lip reconstruction. B. Zide (New York, USA)<br></li><li>09h15-10h00          Ontogeny and disorders of the chin: G. Cartier (Montpellier,France)<br></li><li>10h00-10h45          Session : The Chin: Soft Tissues<br></li><li>10h00-10h45          Conference: The Large Chin. B Zide (New York, USA)            <br></li><li>10h45-11h30          Break and exhibition visit<br></li><li>11h30-12h30          Session: The Chin: Hard tissues<br></li><li>11h30-12h15          Conference: Genioplasty: how, when and why? P. Ronchi  (Como, Italy)                      <br></li><li>12h30-14h00          Lunch and Exhibition visit                                                                                          <br></li><li>14h00-15h30          Session: The Chin: Hard tissues/orthognathic surgery<br></li><li>14h00-14h45          Conference: Chin and orthognathic surgery. J. Mercier (Nantes, France)<br></li><li>15h30- 16h00         Session: The Chin: Hard tissues/asymetry<br></li><li>15h30-15h15          Conference: Setback genioplasty. J. Yachouh (Montpellier,France)            <br></li><li>16h00-16h30          Break and exhibition visit<br></li><li>16h30-17h30          Session: The neck/ free flaps and reconstruction<br></li><li>16h30-17h15          Conférence : Submental flap. Indications. D. Martin (Marseille, France)<br></li><li>17h30-18h00          Free papers<br></li><li>20h30 Congress Diner  <br></li></ul><p></p><p><b>Saturday May 28th</b></p><p></p><ul><li>08h30-09h00          Free papers<br></li><li>09h00-09h45          Session: the neck<br></li><li>09h00-09h30          Conference: Prognostic factors correlated to lymph node in T1T2 OSCC. S. Berrone (Torino, Italy)<br></li><li>09h30-10h00          Conference: Cervicotomy and surgical approaches to parapharyngeal lesions. R. Cocchi (San Giovanni rotondo, Italy)<br></li><li>10h00-10h30          Session: The neck/salivary glands/robotic surgery<br></li><li>​10h00-10h30          Conference: C. Cartier (Montpellier, France)<br></li><li>10h30-11h10          Brunch and exhibition visit<br></li><li>11h10-12h00          Session: The neck / aesthetic surgery<br></li><li>12h00-12h20          Discussion<br></li><li>12h20                     Adjourn</li></ul><p></p> <p></p><p></p>
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    The Chin, The Neck

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