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The Italian Academy of prosthodontics (AIOP) aims to promote oral health and dental care, with particular regard to the function preservation and the prosthetic restoration, when necessary, of stomatognatic function and aesthetics.

The Academy is actively involved in advanced and continuous trainings of all operators in charge of the prosthetic therapy at clinical and technical levels and in the promotion of research in scientific disciplines related to prosthetic dentistry. The Academy promotes ideals of clinical excellence in professional practice of the dental prosthesis and ideals of professional excellence and ethics for its members.

The Academy also aims to promote the scientific and human communication among professionals, and disseminate its concepts of oral health, ethics and excellence within institutions and community.

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  • 7 Piazza di Porta Mascarella
    40126 Bologna
  • Tel : 051240722
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  • <p></p><p>The exchange of information and knowledge on the potentials and the limitations of various clinical and technical aspects between the dentist and the dental technician should enable careful planning of the prosthodontic rehabilitation and its targeted and easy execution. This presentation will focus on an analysis of the basis for a correct multidisciplinary approach. In addition, the presenters will discuss the criteria for an accurate assessment of the treatment variables that can offer a preview of the final treatment outcome. </p><p>The speakers will also describe the treatment methods and the ceramic materials to be used in cases involving natural teeth only, and in those where implants have been placed in the front areas, whose treatment will unavoidably have an impact on the patient’s aesthetics. A set of prosthetic procedures will be analysed which today make it possible for practitioners to resort to minimally invasive techniques also for full-arch prosthetic rehabilitations. In fact, by changing the Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (V.D.O.) and by reducing the thickness of ceramic restorations bonded with adhesive techniques, it will be possible to benefit from the space created between the two arches in order to adopt Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures (MIPPs). </p><p>A range of clinical and technical tips will be provided on how to achieve durable results. The presenters will also explain how new digital technologies can help clinicians and dental technicians develop and implement an appropriate treatment plan.</p><ul><li>CLINICAL SESSION 1 - DO WE HAVE A CROWNLESS FUTURE AHEAD?<br></li><li>CLINICAL SESSION 2 - DO WE HAVE A METAL-FREE FUTURE AHEAD?<br></li><li>DENTAL TECHNICIAN SESSION - TECHNOLOGY VS MATERIALS: AESTHETICS AND FUNCTION IN PROSTHETIC RESTORATIONS<br></li><li>JOINT SESSION - A FUTURE WITHOUT COMPLEX REHABILITATIONS?<br></li></ul><p></p>
    • Bologna, Italie
    • 4 Piazza della Costituzione


    AIOP 2016 - 35th International Congress

    Bologna, Italie
    AIOP - Accademia Italiana di Odontoiatria Prote...