Dr. Iñaki Gamborena received his dental degree from Universidad Odontológica Dominicana in 1989, a certificate in Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders from the Mexican Association of Occlusal Reconstruction in 1990, and a certificate in Restorative Dentistry from the Autónoma Nuevo León University in México in 1992. 

He then pursued his post graduating training in the US with a certificate in Prosthodontics and Master of Science degree in Dentistry from the University of Washington in 1996, where he was awarded with the Bolender contest award for clinical and academic excellence. 

He received a certificate in Oral and Craniofacial Implants from the University of Texas in 1997. Dr. Gamborena is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington since 2001, assistant professor at the department of preventive and restorative sciences at the University of Pennsylvania since 2007 and clinical assistant professor at the department of periodontics at Medical College of Georgia since 2009. 

He is the Editor in Chief of Quintessence Técnica Journal (Spanish version). Author of the book “EVOLUTION : Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single Tooth Implants” I. Gamborena/ M. B. Blatz by Quintessence Publishing Co Inc, 2014. Inventor of the “slim temporary abutment concept : maximizing space for soft tissue growth” Nobelbiocare, November 2014.

He is a member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry since 2002, the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry since 2011, and lectures worldwide. His private practice in San Sebastián is dedicated to aesthetics, restorative dentistry and implants.

Interventions de Dr Iñaki GAMBORENA
  • <p>JOUR 1<br>09.00 - Conférence : Critères et conception de la pose immédiate d‘implants<br>15:00 - Hands-on I : processus de décision pour le protocole prothétique sur la pose immédiate d‘implants, conception du pilier, wax-up, indices de silicone, pose d‘implants, …<br>19.00 - fin de journée 1<br><br>JOUR 2<br>09.00 - Chirurgie live I : Pose immédiate d‘un implant unitaire dans la zone esthétique incluant un gel d‘acide hyaluronique.<br>11.00 - Conférence : Pose immédiate d‘implants critères &amp; concept : CONCLUSIONS<br>15.00 - Conférence II : Nouvelles tendances et concepts de traitement des implants unitaires<br>19.00 - fin de journée 2<br><br>JOUR 3<br>09.00 - Chirurgie live II : Pose différée d‘un implant unitaire dans la zone esthétique<br>11.00 - Conférence : Critères et concept de la pose différée d‘implants : CONCLUSIONS<br>15.00 - Hands-on II : Techniques de récolte et de gestion des greffes sur une tête de porc<br>18.00 - fin de journée 2</p>
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    Cours de Dr Iñaki Gamborena

    Donostia, Spain
  • <p>Rejoignez-nous au <strong>“Symposium sur la chirurgie implantaire immédiate 2020”</strong>, évènement en ligne organisé par Alpha-Bio Tec les <strong>17 et 18 novembre</strong> 2020.<br><br>Cet événement virtuel aura pour but de vous proposer des méthodes et des conseils pour mieux maîtriser la chirurgie implantaire immédiate. <br><br>De nombreux praticiens et experts en implantologie reconnus dans le monde entier seront présents pour discuter des derniers développements en matière de techniques dentaires concernant la chirurgie implantaire immédiate. <br><br>Vous aurez également l’opportunité d’observer des interventions chirurgicales mais aussi de participer à une séance de questions/ réponses et échanger directement avec les intervenants. <br><br>C’est l’évènement innovant que vous ne voulez pas manquer cette année.<br><br>Cette conférence offre une réelle opportunité à chaque praticien de perfectionner  l’approche de la mise en charge immédiate dans la chirurgie implantaire. <br><br>Alors, n’hésitez pas. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant!<br><strong><br>Cet événement virtuel se déroule en anglais.</strong></p>
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    Symposium sur la chirurgie implantaire immédiate 2020

    En ligne (Webinar)
    AlphaBio France
  • <p></p><p>The objective of this comprehensive course is to provide participants with an in-depth theoretical and clinically practical understanding of soft tissue management around implant restorations. Peri-implant soft tissue is a critical element for achieving gingival integration and aesthetic success and can be extremely challenging in compromised sites.</p><p>In his critically acclaimed book, Evolution, co-written with Prof Markus Blatz, Dr Gamborena has introduced a number of techniques and components that greatly facilitate the achievement of predictable, stable soft tissue for implant rehabilitation. The relatively simple techniques can be incorporated into everyday practice to dramatically improve results.</p><p>The 2 day hands on workshop has been specifically designed to simulate real clinical situations, by following the actual cases treated by Dr Gamborena using the patients own models, together with videos of the procedures performed. Long term follow-up of all cases is discussed. Immediate and delayed implant placement techniques will be thoroughly taught, together with connective tissue harvesting techniques on pig jaws and the various suturing techniques required.</p><p>The workshop also includes prosthetic design with particular attention to emergence profile in the fabrication of provisional and customised zirconia final abutments together with fabrication of surgical guides to replicate the position of the prosthetically directed implant.</p><p>This course aims to provide participants with  real world solutions for real cases, from simple to the most complex, from the planning stages, to surgery, to laboratory and to prosthetics, in order to obtain a deeper level of knowledge in the intricacies and fine tuning required, to achieve an optimal aesthetic outcome. </p><p>This course will change the way you practise implant rehabilitation! </p><p></p>
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    Evolution : The course

    Macquarie Park, Australie
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