Dr Bobby BIRDI


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Interventions de Dr Bobby BIRDI

  • <p><br></p><p>This presentation will highlight the use of CBCT technology &amp; digital workflow in planning &amp; executing immediate incisor &amp; molar implant placement.  The benefits of immediate implant placement &amp; placement of an immediate provisional restoration designed from the digital workflow will be demonstrated.  The use of regenerative products &amp; blood biologics (PRF/PRP) will also be discussed.<br></p><p>Objectives:<br></p><ol><li>Understand the benefits of using 3D planning in implant dentistry</li><li>Understand the importance of implant connection widths</li><li>Understand the need for proper implant placement depth</li><li>Understand the benefits of immediate implant placement &amp; immediate provisionals</li><li>Understand the benefits of using regenerative products and blood biologics in implant surgery</li></ol>
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    Immediate Placement & Provisionalization

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    WSP - Western Society of Periodontology