Dental implant treatments in a pandemic context

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20 Janvier 2021
10h00 - 13h00 CET (Europe/Paris)

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Southern Implants France
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Our lives and attitudes changed dramatically after the pandemic.To face this new context a reevaluation and an adaptation of implant treatments is recommended.

Simplification, reliability, less surgical/prosthetic appointments, more efficient treatment lead us to consider immediate loading as an alternative to conventional implant treatment.

What protocol should be applied in order to fulfill those prerequisites. What kind of implant and when to use them. Soft tissue manipulation being an essential part of the treatment, will be evaluated during this presentation as well as hard tissue reconstruction.

This lecture will include : Case presentation, surgical protocol and optimal use of Southern Implants.


  • Emmanuel Escalant
  • 434 Chemin de Saint-Martin
    84120 Pertuis


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